Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'One Nation' rally is sposored by socialist/communist groups

A list of sponsors for the 'One Nation' rally has come out. You'll never guess who was on the list of people sponsoring this "grassroots" event. It's a long list of labor unions, socialist groups, communist groups, activist groups, and other George Soros funded organizations including Obama's own Organizing for America. This rally is being bought and paid for by these groups with federal money and dollars paid by honest union workers who disagree with this agenda in the form of dues without their knowledge or consent.

Check out some of these groups websites and judge for yourself where they are trying to take America.


American Federation of Teachers

Center for Community Change

Green for All


National Council of La Raza

Rainbow PUSH Coalition

SEIU: Service Employees International Union


UAW, International Union


Alliance for Democracy

Campaign for America’s Future

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Campus Progress

Chicago Democratic Socialists of America

Code Pink

Color of

Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Democratic Socialists of America

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Gray Panthers

Human Rights Campaign

International Socialist Organization

National Education Association

National Urban League

Planned Parenthood

United Steel Workers

Working Families Party

Ya Ya Network

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another DOJ official denounces how the New Black Panther voters intimidation case was handled

If this had been two men in white hoods they would already have been destroyed in the media, investigated by the DOJ, and would currently be "guests" of one of our fine federal housing facilities. Why is it that members of congress haven't even heard of this case? Why are these men still walking our streets unpunished?

Socialism and Obama

Some people get upset and say there is no proof that Obama is a socialist. Well, to use an old adage: Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Education Sec. wants to make your kids into ‘Green Citizens’

Why would the Federal government be pushing the green movement on our children?  Maybe it's because anyone who has looked into the corrupt research methods and the use of cherry-picked data to "prove" the global warming hoax would never believe such garbage.  So “for the first time, we are proposing that environmental education be part of [a] well-rounded education.” to indoctrinate this nation's children with the belief in a highly debated, highly controversial theory that I believe to have already been disproved.

See the video here.

Dems delay vote on Bush's tax cuts

This is how you stifle business with fear of the unknown. Any business owner knows that you have to plan next years budget, this year. How does this administration expect the private sector to create any new jobs when it doesn't know if it will have its taxes hiked in the coming year? Mark my words: If the tax breaks are not made permanent or at least extended to ALL groups the unemployment rate (that is already well above the promised 8.1%) will again grow.

The Left responds with their classic 'name calling' strategy

 After reading the GOP's plan, how can anyone call this the "Same old agenda"?

The conservatives have taken the first step in the right direction.

For the full text of the 'Pledge to America' see: